How Does instaGC Work?

In order to receive a free gift card, you must first earn points. Points can be earned by completing various tasks such as watching videos, completing offers, winning contests, and being an active member. Nothing has to be purchased in order to earn points.



Quick Way to Start Earning

Because joining a site without knowing what to do can be hard.

Watch Videos

Here's one of the easiest ways to get quick points.
Watching videos! Seriously, it probably doesn't get any
easier than this. Watch a video and get points for
each one. New videos are added daily so don’t worry
about running out.

Complete Zip Submits

Another very simple and easy way to earn quick
points is to just submit your zip code. You just
type your zip code and boom you have more points.

Pro tip:

Search for 6 - 10 point offers on Super Rewards Offer Wall for several zip submits.

Browser Through All Offers

The offers list is a page where you can view every
single offer available for completion on instaGC.
There are so many different offers with a very large
range of points that you can earn. Check out the offers
list here and start earning!

Pro tip:

Offers with lower point values will be easier to complete than offers with high point values.

Refer A New Member

Referring a new member is an easy way to get quick
points with doing little to no work at all. Once you
have referred a new member you get 10 points and an
additional 10% of all of their future earnings. You do
nothing and get free points! Use your referral link
here to get started.

That's Your Quick Guide.
More Will Be Added Soon.


Make a purchase at and receive cash back. Read below for helpful tips and information.

  • Make sure your cart is empty.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies (as you should before doing any offer to ensure proper credit).
  • Browse to the offer.
  • Click the offer title or Go To Offer.
  • Add items to your cart.
  • Purchase items.
  • Click Submit for the offer and include the names of the items purchased as well as the purchase price.

When will I receive credit for purchases I make? No credit will be issued until after the item has been shipped and received. Once shipped and received, the item shows on the commissionable items report, and then credit can be issued. Times may differ and credits are manually processed, so patience is needed at times.

Are Prime items alllowed? Yes, any item fulfilled by the Prime guarantee is allowed and can be purchased.

Can I pay for my order with gift cards? Yes, you may use gift cards to pay for your order. The method of payment does not matter.

Why didn't I receive credit? There could be many reasons as to why no credit was issued; including but not limited to (cookies were not cleared before clicking the offer link, shopping cart had items in it, the item is listed on the excluded products list).

At times, we may require additional information such as copies of confirmaton emails for purchase and/or shipment in order to issue credit.

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How Many Points Do I Need For A Free Gift Card?

Every 100 points you earn is equal to $1. This means that a $5 gift card can be received once you reach and redeem 500 points. instaGC offers gift cards worth $1 up to $50. View the full inventory list to see all gift cards available. New options are added constantly.

How Do I Get Started?

You will notice an Earn bar to the right of your screen. This area will provide you with the easiest tasks to complete first. To view more ways to get started click Earn Points.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Click the Redeem Points button located at the top and select a gift card of your choice to receive it instantly. There is no limit to the amount of free gift cards you can earn.




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